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EAC committed to Sudanese peace

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ARUSHA, TANZANIA - East African Community Secretary General, Amb Richard Sezibera, has said the community will continue to offer support to the Sudanese people to peacefully resolve outstanding issues under the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA).
"We are happy that the people of Sudan signed the peace agreement and we will continue to offer support to make sure any other outstanding issues under it (CPA) is resolved peacefully," he said.
Media reports have indicated that Uganda President Yoweri Museveni last week held discussions with the President of Southern Sudan, Gen. Salva Mayardit Kiir.
Museveni has been instrumental in pushing for the implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement that was initiated between the Southern Sudan People's Liberation Army and the government of Khartoum in January 2005.    Kenya and Rwanda have already invited the independent South Sudan to join the East African community. Presidents Mwai Kibaki of Kenya and Paul Kagame of Rwanda told the media in Nairobi, Kenya recently that South Sudan will be welcome to join the trading bloc.
Kenyan EAC permanent secretary David Nalo promised that Southern Sudan's application for admission into the EAC would be considered in July when it becomes a sovereign state.
"We will wait for July when the final announcement on the state of South Sudan is made but for practical purposes and intent, South Sudan had already applied to members of the East Africa Community," Nalo is quoted to have said in Nairobi.
The Tanzanian government has also urged local investors to seize the opportunities in South Sudan just like people from other countries are doing.
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