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National Geographic to market Uganda tourism

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KAMPALA, UGANDA-THE National Geographic Society last week unveiled plans that tourism stakeholders in Uganda can use to market its tourism potentials both locally and abroad.
The society, which is one of the largest non-profit scientific and educational institutions in the world and has been inspiring people to care about the planet since 1888 advised tourism stakeholders to seek partnership approaches to marketing Uganda internationally.
"Marketing Uganda requires an integrated approach, Uganda tourism businesses must work together," said Jim Dion the National Geographic Society Business Development Associate.
Dion added that the private sector in Uganda should lead the tourism marketing campaign with the government providing some support.
"The strategy should be private sector led- government supported strategy," explained Dion at the Metropole Hotel in Kampala while addressing tourism stakeholders that included hotel owners,
tour operators, safari guides and community tourism civil society organizations.
He indicated that Uganda is lagging behind its competitors in telling the story about its tourism attractions and building strategic partnerships to attract more tourists to Uganda.
Mr. Chris Seek the president of SOLIMAR international a small specialist consulting and marketing firm with a team of creative professionals who share a common vision of how sustainable tourism can stimulate economic growth while conserving natural resources and cultural heritage told the stakeholders that they should create a destination marketing tool, intensify internet marketing, trade marketing materials and activities and, increase domestic marketing.
SOLIMAR international also delivers innovative tourism development, media and marketing strategies people, which include international development organizations, regional tourism authorities, national and local governments, preservation agencies, tourism enterprises and local communities.
Mr. Cuthbert Baguma the Uganda Tourism Board executive director explained that the board, together with the Civil Aviation Authority and the Uganda Wildlife Authority will brand Entebbe Airport with tourism attraction materials to increase tourism visibility.
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uganda safari
written by jackie, March 23, 2011
great information.Thnaks
Uganda safari
written by Gorila trekking, March 23, 2011
Great information. Thanks alot
tour uganda and rwanda
written by budget gorilla safaris, March 23, 2011
I enjoyed reading your article. Looking forward to the next one
USAID-STAR Volunteer
written by Philip, March 24, 2011
Thanks do much for the article. it really captures and summarizes the presentations from Chris, Patrick and national geographic.

I hope you guys enjoyed the plaques that were there for the pearl supporters and pearl members.

Tanzania safari
written by Monica Crater, April 14, 2011
Thanks for this wonderful information ,for sure i must say that it will be a great achievement to our country Uganda.These strategies will surely benefit the government.

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