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Africa energy firms dominate UK awards

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NAIROBI, Kenya --African green energy firms including a Uganda based energy company have been named as top winners at the United Kingdom's (UK) leading renewable energy awards.
Hailed as the world's most prestigious green energy awards the Ashden Awards for Sustainable Energy seek to showcase and reward pioneering clean energy schemes across the developing world that provide practical solutions to combat climate change and meet the energy needs of the poor.
Top winner Toyola Energy Ltd. from Ghana was awarded the coveted Gold Award worth £40,000  at the awards held last week in London and addressed by Greg Barker, UK Government Minister for Climate Change. Sarah Butler-Sloss, founder director of the Ashden Awards and chair of the judging panel hailed Toyola Energy Ltd for transforming a stove into something more effecient and environmental friendly.
"This is a perfect example of how much can be achieved through the use of simple, clean energy technologies and clever, pro-poor marketing strategies.  
AJDR Cooperative of Rwanda was awarded a runner-up prize of £3,000 for helping street kids earn an income. Nuru East Africa Ltd of Rwanda was awarded a runner-up prize of £1,500 for finding a new way to provide affordable lighting in rural areas using LED rechargeable lamps that sell for only US$5. Ugastove Ltd. of Uganda was on the other hand awarded a runner-up prize of £1,500 for making  "fuel-efficient charcoal and wood stoves for homes, schools and businesses, which sell for as little as US$7."
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