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Uncertainty over city jobs

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KAMPALA, UGANDA - Uncertainty is the word that best describes the mood of the workers at Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) after it emerged that all employees of the authority are to re-apply for their jobs.
To operationalise Article 5 of the Constitution, government recently introduced a new law called the Kampala Capital City Act.  
The Act declares Kampala as the capital city of Uganda and creates new governance structures to improve service delivery in the region. The Act also removed Kampala from the governance structures created by the Local Government Act of 1997.
Under the Local Government Act, towns, cities, districts and sub-counties are categorised as local governments with virtually the same needs and management requirements.
KCCA is currently headed by Ms. Jennifer Musisi Semakula, Executive Director who runs the capital on behalf of the central government.
She took over office from the Town clerk, David Naluwailo whose position together with that of his deputy were scrapped off by the Kampala Capital City Authority Act.  
The new ED Musisi is a known no-nonsense lady who was part of a team that sanitized the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) legal department turning it into a professional and highly performing sub-entity within the tax body.
Her arrival at the Town Hall created fear and anxiety among the old staff who were unsure of what her next move would be, and whether they would lose or retain their jobs.
Indeed it is the Ms. Musisi’s conviction that to be able to deliver at her new assignment, she will have to address the issue of human resource immediately, but distanced herself from the question of who is going to lose or retain his/her job.
“I am not the one to cause anybody to lose their jobs. There is a new law and according to it, it is the Ministry of Public Service to handle human resource because Kampala is now an authority and it is no longer under the Ministry of Local Government. It is unfortunate some people are going to be affected,” Musisi said.
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