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Development partners boost region

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ARUSHA, TANZANIA - Development Partners have reaffirmed their commitments to support the integration initiatives through the EAC development fund.
These include the UK's Department for International Development (DFID) that has pledged $1.3 million, S$1million from Germany, Denmark $5 million for two years and $1.3 million from Finland.
EAC deputy secretary general finance and administration, Dr. Julius Tangus Rotich said the funds will go towards supporting the community's priority areas.
These include support to implementation of the Common Market Protocol, Customs and Trade, support to negotiations for the East African Monetary Union, sensitization and outreach. Others will be spent on support to key East African Community sectors including social, gender, productive and infrastructure, capacity building of EAC organs and support to EAC Institutions.
He hailed the development partners for the contributions adding that the secretariat is expected to renew its financial Agreements with Canada, Sweden, Belgium, France, and Japan before the end of the year.
The pledges made during the 14th partnership fund steering committee meeting attended by all stakeholders, saw the handover of chairmanship of the committee from Finland's Antti Putkonen to Germany's Gisela Habel.
The meeting approved work plans for Partnership Fund-supported activities for Financial Year 2011/2012 and the new Regulations for the Fund.
EAC established the Partnership Fund in September 2006 as a budget support mechanism for the main EAC Budget.  The Partnership Fund is both financial and technical support from Development Partners to enhance the capacity of EAC in implementing its key activities that are geared towards regional integration.
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