Up country shows are more delightful

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FORT PORTAL, UGANDA - Just if you thought that it is only revelers in the Capital Kampala who delight in gigs, you should think yet again.
Last weekend, courtesy of Bell Lager under their ongoing promotion of the new look Bell bottle, the brewer took the experience to the Western Uganda district of Fort Portal about 300 Kilometres from the Capital, Kampala.
Fort Portal is located in the serene and luscious area, with beautiful undulating hills and is also the chair of the youngest King in Africa, Oyo Nyimba kabamba Iguru, king of the Batooro one of Uganda's four major cultural Kingdoms.
Uganda Breweries Limited (UBL), a subsidiary of East African Breweries Limited (EABL) under their flagship beer Bell Lager recently unveiled a new look 'long neck' bottle to replace the euro style bottle.
Concerts to unveil the new look bottle experience are being carried out round the country with the first concert held at The Kampala Serena Hotel, then to the Eastern Uganda district of Jinja, the concert scheduled for Northern Uganda in Gulu was cancelled due to the untimely death of one of the district's influential figures Walter Ochora.
But the show that stands amongst these is the one held in Fort Portal last weekend.
By mid day, there were already revelers moving around the venue that was by now blaring with loud music and organizers from silk events moving equipment in the area while testing their machines.
By the time the gates were open, there was a dash for the front spaces by the seemingly ecstatic crowd, as the lineup of artists due to perform at the gig was a rather impressive one with some of the elite names on the Ugandan music industry.
The show was delayed as the organizers gave the revelers a chance to watch the FA Cup titanic clash between Manchester United and Arsenal, that the former won convincingly with a 2-0 score line.
The show kicked off thereafter with a curtain raiser performance from their home born artist who also gave way for another home 'boy', Azziz Azion who worked up the crowd who in turn sang along to all his songs. The passionate crowd even offered to give the artist money, anything they had with their eyes showing satisfaction at the chance of having to watch their favorite artists on stage, most of whom it was the first time.
Toolman came on after before Kidfox took on the mantle to psyche up the crowd who responded with all their might.
An electrically charged atmosphere took over as Coco Finger, a new artist who has taken over the country by storm with his hits that are currently receiving enough airplay both on radio and on television; my miss and 'emikono wagulu'  meaning hands in the air.
Coco Finger afterwards admitted he did not expect that kind of reception in Fort Portal.
The crowd got on their feet and sang along as the artists shared their beers with the crowd that had patiently waited to have these artists in their home area.

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