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Saudi prince visits Burundi

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Bujumbura, Burundi - The government of Burundi last week received Saudi prince, Bin  Adbel Aziz Al Said  after his visit to Rwanda and the DRC.
The visit was aimed at identifying opportunities for investment in Burundi.  Prince Al Said told journalists in an interview that discussions with President Nkurunziza revolved around business and investment in Burundi.
“We will be sending a delegation to pursue  potential opportunities in Burundi,” said prince Said.
The billionaire told local media outlets he is committed to endorsing philanthropic and charitable areas in Burundi.
The senior communication officer to the president’s office, Gervais Abayeho said Prince Bin Abdel Aziz and President Nkurunziza jointly identified key sectors for sustainable development.  
“The head of state and the Prince of Saudi Arabia have figured out critical sectors that will be prioritized such as modernization of agriculture, energy, information and communication technology,’ said  Gervais Abayeho.  
 Abayeho said he’s confident the Prince is ready to come and invest in Burundi.  
President Nkurunziza has been paving good ties with the Saudis since he took power in 2005.
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written by Dani Babu, September 07, 2011
I remember a 'Saudi prince' by similar names taking us for a ride and being hosted in Uganda at the highest levels(early 90s) and turning out to be a bogus prince. Hope he wasn't masquarading this one or one and the same.

"How many bogus Saudi princes must lead us up the garden path before we realise that there are no pots of gold reserved exclusively for Uganda? Forget Prince Alwaleed bin Talal who cost us the twin institutions of Shimoni PTC and Shimoni Demonstration Primary School. Sometime during the early 1990s a Saudi ‘prince’ came to this country talking billions of dollars and fabulous investments he intended to make. He even succeeded in gaining an audience with President Yoweri Museveni. The long and short of it is that he vanished into thin air after running up hotels bills totalling millions of shillings. When somebody eventually thought of cross-checking with the Saudi embassy in Kampala they received the bad news that no such prince existed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia."

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