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FUFA won despite Uganda's failure

Uganda may not have qualified for the Gabon 2012 Afcon, however soccer governing body may have scored a positive with the ticketing. The last big fixture before Kenya a few weeks ago was a 2008 match against Nigeria ticket prices were Ushs10,000 for the ordinary ticket. The ticket prices have been going up since and hit the Ush20,000 ($7) against the Kenyan game.
The pricing of tickets in Uganda has never been higher than Ushs20,000 ($7)  and this could be a precedent set by the governing body. With the current economic situation it would been had to imagine that Ugandan's would spend so much for one football match. This not-withstanding FUFA will most likely not reduce ticket prices for any future national team tickets are likely to reduce in the near future.
Gross revenues from gate collections for the Uganda versus Kenya totalled to slightly over Ush1billion ($345,365) making this the highest amount a governing body in Uganda has accrued from one single match.  With expenses of about Ush380million ($131,337), deductions of FUFA (4% of gross total) and CAF (3% of gross total) this leaves profit of Ush600million ($207,375) before tax.
FUFA made a killing on the revenues collected from the Kenyan match and after this it will most likely keep the prices that high so as to make more money. The governing body has the 2014 World Cup qualifiers and the 2014 Afcon to organise. With the Mandela National Stadium still a fortress then FUFA will make more money from gate collections considering that fans keep thronging the stadium.
Any match with a high magnitude as the Kenya fixture will have ticket prices probably not going lower than Ush20,000. Uganda is in Group J on the 2014 Brazilian World Cup qualifier together with Angola, Senegal and Mauritius or Liberia (playoff). Soccer pundits note that this is tough group for Uganda but with the home form, the Mandela National Stadium could fill up at a higher price than the Kenyan fixture. Despite the disappointment they felt after that goalless draw with the Kenyans, if Uganda can keep up impressive consistent performances then FUFA could be heading for another fat bank balance.
Senegal with its stars like Newcastle's Demba Ba, Freiberg's Pappis Cisse and Lille's Moussa Sow    would attract Ugandans to the stadium. However this would only happen if Uganda can pick a point from its away fixtures that would make it possible for fans to keep showing up for home games and would be willing to pay Ush20,000 for a football match. FUFA's ticketing has always been a nightmare more especially in the sales as it always wants to be in-charge of distribution. Despite the distribution challenges, FUFA has made millions from gate collections of the national team plus TV rights for some of the game and sponsors.
FUFA may however have to deal with the overriding negative sentiment and a tendency to self distract at the last hurdle. The soccer governing body has its work cut-out at the moment if it doesn't clean up in-house so that Uganda has a shot at the 2014 Brazilian World Cup. And if FUFA wants to keep making a killing on these high ticket prices then the fans will need the perfect reason to keep showing up for the matches.
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