Ugandan University to host International ICT event

KAMPALA, Uganda- Uganda Technology and Management University (UTAMU) will this year host the 4th International Conference on Technology and Management.

The ICT conference is expected will kick off from 7th  to 8th  August, 2017. It will be held under the theme, "ICT, Governance and Management in Africa: Trends, Issues and challenges".

The 2017 ICT conference comes at a time when most economies in globally are being driven by different ICT innovations.

However, it’s been noted that some ICT gurus are using the technology to amplify financial fraud and cybercrime.

The ICTM-17 will provide a distinctive environment where authors, practitioners, researchers, professionals and academicians from the Technology and Management disciplines can engage in the future developments in terms of service provision.

“Technology and Management are undoubtedly drivers for both public and private enterprises and organizations. 

“Today, we understand that technology drives all what we do irrespective of service domain. Therefore managing service provision and the technologies integrated within the organizations is very important for development,” said a Press Release. 

Under the ICT sector the participants will discuss various topics related to the utilization ICT in the economy such as E-governance, E-services (e-business, e-agriculture) Technology and economic transformation among other topics in the sector.

On management science,  the conference will focus on key areas such as Public Administration and Human resource development, Regional integration and regional projects and  Public policy design and implementation challenges.