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Justice in a Hijacked State

John Prendergast and Nathalia Dukhan WASHINGTON, DC – The Central African Republic (CAR), a former French colony based on an exploitative divide-and-rule system, is a textbook example of how a state can be captured, repurposed, and organized for looting, largely to the benefit of outsiders. In a country that has known only impunity, where the […]


The Time Bomb at the Top of the World

Mario Molina and Durwood Zaelke SAN DIEGO – It is hard to imagine more devastating effects of climate change than the fires that have been raging in California, Oregon, and Washington, or the procession of hurricanes that have approached – and, at times, ravaged – the Gulf Coast. There have also been deadly heat waves in India, Pakistan, and Europe, and […]

Africa Industry

Kenya’s Cookstove Manufacturing Company Sets Eyes on Somaliland and Rest of Africa

By Odindo Ayieko, A vertically integrated modern cookstove company based in Kenya is venturing into Somaliland and the Horn of Africa to offer efficient and clean cooking solutions for households. BURN manufacturing company plans to implement the carbon project activity  in Somaliland‘ under the Gold Standard Programme. The company which is based in Ruiru in Kiambu […]


The Key to the Productivity Puzzle

Diane Coyle, CAMBRIDGE – In a 1996 lecture entitled “Big Bills Left on the Sidewalk,” the late Mancur Olson made a powerful observation: an individual from a poor country – say, Haiti – who migrates to a richer country like the United States immediately becomes vastly more productive and earns a far higher wage than before. The individual has […]


Making Business Work for Nature

Erin Billman and Eva Zabey, GENEVA – The latest edition of the United Nations’ Global Biodiversity Outlook, published by the Convention on Biological Diversity, makes for bleak reading. As the report notes, biodiversity is essential to address climate change, ensure long-term food security, and prevent future pandemics. And yet the world is missing every target that […]

Africa Opinions

Global Partnerships for an African Recovery

Landry Signé and Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, WASHINGTON, DC/PORT LOUIS – The spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly affected developed and developing countries alike, despite vast disparities in initial response capacities. Global leaders were especially concerned about the disease’s potential implications for Africa, given the continent’s lack of financial and medical resources, weak health-care systems, fragile economies, and […]

Africa Industry


The African Development Bank Group is pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Yacine FAL Director General, Cabinet Office of the President, effective 1st November 2020. As Director General, Ms. Fal will oversee the administrative and operational work and activities of the Cabinet Office of the President. Primarily, she will provide oversight of all units […]

Africa Wellness

Megapipes Offers New Solution to Kenya’s Sanitation Problems with HDPE Piping

By Odindo Ayieko Proper sanitation and storm water management remain as two of the major challenges for devolved governments in Kenya as they grapple to improve on service delivery to citizens. Bringing innovative solutions and providing and maintaining safe off-site and decentralized sanitation systems, cannot happen without new investment and human technical capacity – particularly considering […]

Africa Maritime Travel

Djibouti Commences Transformation of Historical Port- Launch of East Africa’s International Special Business Zone

Djibouti, 8 October – In a landmark ceremony, held under the auspices of HE President of the Republic of Djibouti, Ismail Omar Guelleh, Djibouti inaugurated the regeneration project to turn the Historical Port of Djibouti into an international business district. A 6-phase regeneration plan The regeneration will see the historical port transformed into a district called […]


Building Back Fairer and Greener

Pamela Coke-Hamilton GENEVA – Like farmers planning the following season’s crop, we must now sow the seeds of the post-pandemic future we want. That means putting gender equality and sustainability at the heart of the recovery and promoting more inclusive development through “good trade.” The most serious challenge we face is economic inequality – not only between […]