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Hazardous Oil treatment plant operating below capacity


Ogarubo (L) demonstrating how they can purify liquid waste into clean water. Looking on is Gloria Ssebikari of Petroleum Authority of Uganda.

KAMPALA, UGANDA- Nyamasoga Oil Waste Treatment Plant, that was constructed in Hoima District between April 2014 and November 2014 to treat oil waste from exploration areas is under-utilized or working below capacity according to Joel Ogarubo the Land Fill Manager at the Plant.

Ogarubo said because there is no law that can compel all industries generating waste in Kampala or elsewhere in Uganda to take their waste to their plant for proper disposal, it leads them to work below capacity and only wait for waste generated by only oil companies.

The National Environmental Management Authority contracted EnviroServ Uganda Limited, a merger of EnviroServ Waste Management Limited and Green Albertine Limited, to manage oil waste hence the setting up of the treatment facility.

Where solid waste is dumped after treatment.

Ogarubo said they handle both liquid and solid waste apart from radioactive waste, explosives and gas under pressure.

“I can say we are not very busy but not idle,” said Ogarubo.

He said they are currently about 6 staff who are fully employed.

The facility sits on 100 acres of land of which only about 25 per cent has been used. Its  estimated worth is more than Shs5b. It  has a waste water treatment plant, a laboratory, hazardous landfill and auxiliary services.