Uganda is set to host the 7th Annual Mineral Wealth conference starting from 2nd to 3rd October in Kampala.
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Uganda Chamber of Mines finalizes plan to host 7th Mineral Wealth Conference

Uganda is set to host the 7th Annual Mineral Wealth conference starting from 2nd to 3rd October in Kampala.

The Conference, under the theme “Eastern Africa: The continent’s next mining and investment haven”, will take place at Kampala Serena Hotel next week.

“The Uganda Chamber of Mines & Petroleum has been at the forefront, advocating for the promotion and development of Uganda’s Oil, Gas and Mineral sectors in partnership with Government of Uganda including relevant stakeholders in the country and beyond,” said Elly Karuhanga, the Chairman, UCMP on 26th September at Kampala Serena Hotel during a press conference that was organized to announce the event.

It is organized by the Uganda Chamber of Mines & Petroleum (UCMP) in partnership with the Ministry of Energy & Mineral Development through the Directorate of Geological Survey & Mines. The conference is emerging as a pivotal point for networking and sourcing for investments in a region coming with minerals potential.

Mining policy

The new Mining and Mineral Policy underlines the desired need for increasing the economic contribution of the mining industry to Uganda’s economy through more private investment.

It also addresses issues of enhancing the health and safety of Ugandans, environmental management and social issues, regulating commercial exploitation of building minerals, artisanal and small-scale mining, optimizing of linkages into the local economy, promoting the competitiveness of the Ugandan mining industry, developing value-added mineral and metal among others critical focus areas.

The UCMP General Secretary Sam Thakkar noted that their role, under the leadership of  Richard Kaijuka, the  Chairman Board of Trustees, chaired the Technical Working Group (TWG) on the Presidential Investor’s Round Table on Minerals Value Addition.

The team emphasized the need for the Country to focus on 10 strategic minerals including Gold, Iron Ore, 3Ts – Tin, Tungsten & Tantalite, Aluminous Clays & Sand, Vermiculite, Copper & PGM e.g Nickel, Zinc, Chrome, Phosphates, Dimension Stones (Marble & Granite)- Industrial Minerals, Limestone, salt.

“We have since seen the establishment of new cement plants in Tororo, development underway for the first graphite mine, Rio Tinto to farm into Kitgum Pader Project, and the ongoing Sukulu Integrated Mineral Development, among others, Thakkar said.

The participants

Close to 1,000 local and international delegates are expected for this year’s conference.

They will include industry executives, mining investors, Government officials and representatives, financial institutions, attorneys, academia, insurers, mining equipment suppliers, mining consultants and relevant institutions from within the region and beyond.

The conference shall feature a showcase of African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States – European Union (ACP-EU) Development Minerals Programme in Uganda.

The program coordinating ACP-EU Secretariat from the different jurisdictions of Cameroon, Guinea-Conakry, Zambia, Jamaica and Fiji sharing with the world on the progress of the three-year €13.1 million programs especially as the first phase of implementation ends.

ACMMAA was established through the Windhoek Declaration of the 7th October 2017. The Maputo Declaration of the 3rd Conference of African Ministers responsible for Mineral Resources Development held in Maputo, Mozambique December 2013 which urged the AUC to broaden partnerships including the private sector for the implementation of the African Mining Vision (AMV) that was adopted in 2009 by the African Union Heads of State and Government.

The AMV was adopted as a blueprint for the inclusive and sustainable development of the mineral resources sector to underpin broad-based development.

ACMMAA member states shall also ratify the proposed ACMMAA Constitution at this year’s event.