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3000 Employees Participate in Prudential Survey, UBL Emerges Overall Winner

Uganda Breweries Limited has emerged the overall winner of the 2nd edition of the Prudential Best HR Practices survey report that was launched in Kampala by Prudential Uganda in partnership with Price House Water Coopers PwC.

The Prudential Best HR Practices Survey is a human capital and talent management survey aimed at giving employers an opportunity to hear from their employees on how they (the employees) assess their organization’s HR practices.

The 2022 survey focused on 14 thematic areas: Company performance and confidence, reward and recognition, employee engagement and enablement, quality and innovation, employee wellness, diversity and inclusion, learning and development, workplace culture & environment, environmental, social and governance (ESG) compliance.

It also focused on digital acceleration or upskilling, performance and talent management, employee growth and development, organisational policy/process effectiveness, and organisational agility and change management.

The Prudential Uganda Chief Executive Officer Tetteh Ayitevie while speaking at the Awards Gala held at Kampala Serena Hotel said they firmly believe that the workplace should epitomize excellence.

“Given that individuals spend a significant portion of their lives at work, it is essential that the workplace continually evolves to meet the personal and professional aspirations of its employees.

“We understand that a pay cheque alone does not suffice; a conducive work environment that nurtures and empowers employees to attain their goals is vital”, said Tetteh.

“We recognize that there is a direct correlation between a company’s culture and its performance. The culture of an organization can significantly affect employee satisfaction, productivity, and the overall bottom line.

“A strong culture can breed innovation, collaboration, and instill a sense of purpose among employees, while a weak culture can result in low morale, disengagement, and high staff turnover,” he added.

Uthman Mayanja, The Country Senior Partner, PwC Uganda said that the survey provides an invaluable resource for Chief Executive Officers and Human Resource professionals, offering critical insight into the most successful practices for recruiting, managing and retaining top talent.

Mayanja said this year, they saw an impressive 62% increase in the response rate, from 1,526 respondents last year to 2,450 respondents this year, representing 117 participating organizations.

“This is a testament to the increasing importance that organizations are placing on HR practices. Through this survey, we identified key trends in HR management practices and gain valuable insights into what matters most to employees in the workplace and their perceptions of various initiatives implemented by employers.”

According to Mayanja, the survey is a call to action for everyone to review and consider the best practices for human resource management, and organizations should take a proactive role in creating a better work environment for everyone by participating in the survey and making the necessary changes as well as build a healthier and more productive workplace.

“We congratulate all the winners and participants of the 2022 Best HR Practices Survey, and we urge all organizations to create an environment that boosts employee productivity which in the long run will boost socio-economic development for Uganda and the region,”  Tetteh concluded.

Winners per category include;

Company Performance and ConfidenceMinet Uganda
Reward and RecognitionUganda Breweries Limited (UBL)
Employee Engagement and EnablementUganda Breweries Limited (UBL)
Quality and InnovationCipla Quality Chemical Industries Limited (CiplaQCIL)
Employee WellnessMinet Uganda
Diversity & InclusionStanbic Bank Uganda Limited
Learning and DevelopmentCipla Quality Chemical Industries Limited (CiplaQCIL)
Workplace culture and environmentAbsa Bank Uganda Limited
Environmental, social and governance (ESG) complianceMTN Uganda
 Digital Acceleration/upskillingStandard Chartered Bank
Performance and Talent managementUganda Breweries Limited (UBL)
Employee growth and developmentGraphic Systems Uganda Limited
Organisational policy/process effectivenessGraphic Systems Uganda Limited
Organisational Agility and Change ManagementStanbic Bank Uganda Limited
Overall WinnerUganda Breweries Limited (UBL)


Key highlights from the survey:

  • This year’s survey saw participation from fifteen sectors providing valuable insights. The financial services sector had the highest number of participating organisations at 38%.
  • There was a remarkable rise in the public sector’s involvement this year, with Government agencies and authorities making up 16% of the participating sectors compared to just only 5% from the previous year. This substantial increase in public sector participation highlights the growing significance of their involvement in the survey.
  • Respondents aged between 31 to 40 years (which consists of millennial workers) constituted the biggest majority this year, with a remarkable 51% increase in participation compared to the findings from the previous year. This dramatic increase highlights the importance of this age group in the overall survey and may suggest this generation is the most engaged.
  • The overriding themes in the survey is that workers want to reskill, workers need greater inclusivity and more flexible work arrangements.