One of the meals that will be available on the new menu
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Emirates Introduces New Menus for East African Travellers

Emirates has introduced new menus in all classes for passengers flying from its East African points to Dubai. Customers travelling from Nairobi, Dar Es Salaam and Addis Ababa will be treated to a new selection of local dishes on the Emirates onboard menu.

According to an October 24 statement released by the airline, an in-house team of chefs go through a continuous process of research, listening to customer feedback and reviewing current menus, create new dishes that reflect the taste preferences of customers on a specific route.

The recently launched new menus in each cabin include at least one dish that is influenced by local cuisine. This is in addition to a selection of international cuisine that caters for other taste preferences.

Customers travelling from East Africa will find traditional African dishes such as Kuku Paka, a chicken dish with coconut-based curry, served with butter rice and seasonal vegetables from Dar Es Salam, Misir besiga key wat, an Ethiopian spicy beef and lentil stew, served with steamed rice from Addis Ababa, Nyama na irio, a Kenyan beef stew and mashed peas with potatoes and corn, served with grilled carrot incorporated in their in-flight menu when flying Emirates to Dubai.

“We aim to deliver the best culinary experience in the sky and are conscious that our products reflect our cosmopolitan customers. From the entertainment content on ice, to our multinational cabin crew, our menus are also tailored to suit local and diverse taste profiles. For that reason we listen to feedback from our customers, keep a close watch on the latest food trends, and invest in creating inspired menus that will surprise and delight everyone that flies on Emirates,” Nasser Iskeirjah, Regional Catering Manager, Africa said at the launch of the menus.

Quantity of meals served

“Emirates’ focus on local flavour means it has food available from every region it flies to. The airline serves more than 110 million meals a year with the same attention to quality and detail in First, Business and Economy class,” the statement reads. “From 2017 – 2018, Emirates has catered to over 1 million customers from Nairobi, Dar Es Salam and Addis Ababa, on both routes.”

Last month, Emirates launched exclusive Food and Wine Channels to give customers a behind-the-scenes look at how it creates on-board menus and works with regional and global partners. The Food Channel highlights the detail that goes into menu development by Emirates Chefs and ingredient sourcing for on-board meals.

Emirates flies daily between Entebbe and Dubai. EK730 flight takes off from Entebbe every day at 4.20pm and lands in Dubai at 10.50pm.