Kenya Power starts mass reading

NAIROBI, Kenya – Many electicity consumers in Kenya are bracing themselves for some urgent payments as Kenya Power carries out a metre inspection exercise.

The company is to cut power losses and cross-check the details of their customers to halt illegal connections.

Thagichu Kiiru, the company’s installation, inspection and fraud control manager, said last week,  “With this exercise, we will be able to assure customers that the billing is correct and in case they are not satisfied, we have a system to verify that in their presence.”

“These losses account for about five per cent of the company’s entire revenue from the billing system, which stands at about Sh8 billion,” he said.

Kenya Power generally incurs an estimated 18% loss due to technical challenges as well as metre tampering and illegal connections.

Sources say KP is determined to reduce losses resulting from illegal connections and tampering of metre systems. This is also in the wake of failure to convince government to allow a power rate increase.

Speaking at the launch of the exercise, Kiiru said some of the notabloe culprits of power theft are in Nairobi.

He said, “We will be looking to confirm if the power that is supplied collaborates with the reading at the metre. However, there are some companies that puncture the cable and supply to their machines directly hence the need to ensure the whole system is correct,” he said.

Most of KP’s revenues come from largescale consumers, meaning the industrial sector.

KP also has plans to build new sub-stations to improve efficiency of electrivity supplies.