Google launches package for ISPs

KAMPALA, Uganda - Google has launched Project Link to enable suppliers access high speed and reliable internet connections without investing heavily in upgrading base stations.

According to the US-based giant of the seven billion people alive today, only 2.7 billion are connected to the Internet. Google says, ‘For many who are online, inadequate or nonexistent infrastructure offers slow and unreliable connections’.

With Google Project Link, internet Service Providers (ISPs) and mobile phone network operators will pay lower overhead expenses for doing business. 

This initiative will also enable local Internet service providers to concentrate on coming up with more innovative products and connect more people to a faster and reliable Internet, which will in turn boost internet connectivity in the country.

The high capacity fibre network will provide a link between existing local networks to the undersea cables that pipe internet between continents, in a sustainable manner.

According to Google, the Project Link will connect the ISPs long-distance fibre lines, equipping them with near-unlimited capacity to build and expand services to Ugandans. They will be charged a fee.

The firm has also built quality infrastructure between Africa’s undersea cables to its Project Link for greater speed and capacity for the latest and greatest of the web. 

This will avail users with the best network coverage and high-quality services.