Akello is able to pay for her tuition with money earned from doing laundry
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‘Clean’ money: Akello gets her tuition from washing clothes

Prisca Akello Wanga, a first year student at YMCA earns Shs 500,000 monthly in laundry, general cleaning and selling eggs.

“I sell eggs; if the season is good I sell like two trays earning like Shs10,000  profit  a day  and when the season is not good I sale like one tray getting 5,000  profit,” she says.

“I also do laundry and cleaning, I got inspired by one of the Makerere students who narrated to me her story that made me get inspired  to start doing laundry and cleaning,” she adds.

Akello notes that, “Being a child or being a youth of this generation is not easy because everything that you have to do requires you to have money. Everything you do will need you to have money in order to own it,”

“There is no need for academic papers to be creative in starting up a business. For one to prosper in a business, you need to try it out and see whether it is a good business idea or bad, consult from your superiors whether the business will bring you profits or will make your goals come true,” she goes on to say.


“I move around corporate offices and create network with my friends giving them my numbers and sharing my business ideas letting them know in case of an opportunity. I use my social media platforms for marketing myself and also advertising my business. After three to two days of advertising, I get calls from my clients and go do cleaning and washing,” Akello says.

Her clients are mainly university students. She has managed to pay her tuition, buy herself necessities as well as provide pocket money to her siblings

Like any other business, Akello has encountered challenges. “You work for a client and wash many clothes but the client pays you less or at the end of the day he delays to pay you,” she notes.

Also, “My fellow students tend to minimize what I do, to discourage me. Sometimes it lowers my self-esteem but like a focused business lady, I keep moving because I know I am working to earn a living and also make my money which many can’t do.”

Akello adds that she is always focused and has learnt to be patient with all her clients.

She says one does not need much capital to start up a business but needs the brain to stay focused and make it in life.

She is looking forward to growing her business to a better established venture and also recruit any young person who might have the interest.

Akello says learning not to under look oneself and knowing that everyone has the ability to support their lives even with the little income they make is key.

By George Piwang