Charles Mkula is a journalist who has worked for a number of newspapers and magazines in Malawi since 1998.
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Malawi In search of a national identity

LILONGWE- Prejudiced subjection of Malawi’s cultural symbols and expressions to represent or to belong to particular geographical localities than national, challenges the country’s desire to define its collective identity, Chairperson for the Foundation for Arts and Culture (FoAC), Serman Chavula has noted. But, a Malawi Human Rights Commission (MHRC) report titled “Cultural Practices and their […]

To grow an organisation, you need to grow its people
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Overcoming 5 Barriers to Internal Leadership Development

To grow an organisation, you need to grow its people. There is no shortcut, alternative, or way around it. Senior staff  need to grow their emerging leaders through internal leadership development programs, creating authentic relationships with their employees through more than just performance reviews. By using current leaders for internal leadership development your organisation can […]

Robin Njiru, Director: General Business at SAP East Africa
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Leveraging intelligent technologies will help Kenya government connect better with citizens and build intelligent public-sector enterprises

Public sector companies are not immune to the forces that are reshaping organisations and industry sectors around the world. These exponential forces put pressure on public sector organisations to rethink the way they operate to meet the dynamic needs of increasingly sophisticated connected citizens. UNESCO states that 61% of the world’s population will live in […]

Sunil Kaushal, CEO, Africa & Middle East at Standard Chartered Bank

Think exponentially, not incrementally: How the rules of the game are changing in Africa’s banking sector

We are fortunate to witness a period of monumental progress in Africa. The changes are visible across all sectors. African start-ups have raised a record breaking $560 million in 2017, an increase of 53% from the previous year. African governments have welcomed technology into the continent, hoping to inspire a revolution across all industries and […]