University to set up entrepreneurship centre

KAMPALA—UGANDA-Kampala International University (KIU) in partnership with Wadhwani Foundation is to establish a state of the art Business Incubation Center where KIU students will be equipped with Business Entrepreneurship Skills.
“As KIU we have discovered that the Initiative can create big impact to our students because it has been applied in other countries.  We hope that if the training is incorporated in all our entire training program then we shall be producing job creators, ” said Dr Mohammad, KIU Vice Chancellor.
Mpezamihigo said in Kampala that many graduates in Uganda have become an economic burden to the society. “Majority have failed to get jobs due to inadequate job opportunities both in the private and public sectors. But, when they get chance to get Business skills at Universities, it can help them to establish their own enterprises,” said Mpezamihigo.
The partnership with the Wadhwani Foundation will see students coming up with viable business plans that will be supported with seed capital. Wadhwani Foundation through its National Entrepreneurship Network has supported millions of youths to become Entrepreneurs.
The Foundation works with Institutions of higher learning to train students to become job creators. Mpezamihigo noted that KIU is offering practical programmes like computer science, Business related courses and medical courses.
To ensure that the project of incubating students progresses well, Kampala International University plans to partner with some government agencies especially those operating in the field of science to work with the University in incubating their science students.
Meanwhile, Kampala International University will be conducting its 16thGraduation Ceremony this Saturday 10th June 2017, where a total of over 1200 students will be awarded with Masters Degrees, Bachelors and Diplomas.