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Uganda set to host 11th ICT conference

Uganda is set to host the 11th International Information and Communication Technology for development (ICT4D) Conference which is scheduled to start from April 30th to May 3rd 2019 at the Speke Resort Munyonyo.

The meeting is being organized by the catholic Relief Services and it’s expected to attract over 200 guests coming from different disciplines in the Academia world.

The technocrats will be discussing how they have used innovations in technologies to increase the Impact of their work in Uganda and globally.

The key topics to be discussed during the meeting include the role of technology in the Agriculture sector, Digital financing and Humanitarian Response and Resilience among other key topics. Under Digital Financing, the presenters will be discussing how digital technologies can revolutionize payments and inclusion of vulnerable and displaced people.

According to the statement  on the Side of Agriculture sector the key issues will focus on how  advancement in technology can play big role in the transformation of the Agriculture sector in the country where majority of the farmers are still practicing peasantry  kind of farming .

Commenting on the conference, Niek De Goeij the Country Representative of CRS in Uganda said the conference will give Ugandan opportunity to learn more Innovations that have been developed by other scientist which can be reproduced in Uganda for the good of the Nation

“At the ICT4D Conference you’ll hear from IT companies and development professionals how they adopt, adapt, or completely reengineer to integrate ICT into demand-driven solutions for local and global challenges alike,” Niek de Goeij, Country Representative at CRS Uganda said in the Statement.

The ICT4D conference will attract both local and International guest speakers to handle different key sector in the Economy among the speaker at the conference include. Lauren Woodman, Chief Executive Officer, NetHope, Olive Birungi Lumonya, National Director, SOS Children’s’ Villages  among others .

During the event , the United States agency  for International Development will  be  speaking on their upcoming Digital Strategy, during its session  entitled  “What to Expect and How to Engage”, led by Director of the U.S. Global Development Lab’s Centre for Digital Development, Christopher Burns.