The Seven Year Itch” Bohemian’s first shown cla

KAMPALA, UGANDA- In a bid to re-introduce classic movies, Bohemian Pictures, a local company, lanched a week ago at the National Theatre with a pledge to bring back the now lost but educative classic films.

“The Seven Year Itch” a 1955 American romantic comedy happened to be the first ever classic movie that revealers were thrilled to by the Bohemian pictures who promised more of such with time to come.

Directed by Billy Wilder, it was acted by Marlyn Monroe world famous film actress in America and Tom Ewell.
The story is set during a summer in Manhattan, New York. Richard Sherman (Tom Ewell) bids farewell to his wife, Helen (Evelyn Keyes) and son, Ricky who are going to Maine for a while. Richard has to stay behind, as he needs to remain in the city for his job.

He has promised his wife and his doctors that he will try not to smoke or drink alcohol.

He is also determined to avoid the temptations of other women. Soon his resolve weakens – especially when a beautiful young blonde moves in to the apartment above his.

He is jolted back to reality when he meets his new neighbor-luscious model Marilyn Monroe.

According to Tabitha Muhanganzima one of the founders of Bohemian pictures, classic movies will start showing at the Metropole Hotel in Kampala, every Tuesday and Friday so that even the young generation will have the chance to watch the old but educative movies rather than watching blockbuster movies that are in most cases non educative.