Superstar Green Christmas Party Set

KAMPALA, UGANDA -This Christmas season children will have a chance to do something for the future while they have fun with friends and family.

On Sunday 15th December next month, kids will meet at Kololo Airstrip for the Superstar Kid Green Xmas party.

The fun day will also be used to introduce the young ones to the communal cause of planting fruit trees to conserve the environment they live in.

This is a continuation of the green festival that was held last September.

After the fun every child will be given a fruit tree seedling which she or he can plant in their home backyard, on their family land or school compound.

The entertainment packed day will see each child who will come for the party take home a tree and a responsibility to further drive the environment conservation spirit.

The toddlers will also be lectured on the need and how to recycle waste products and will be told that littering is a bad practice which destroys the environment.

The Superstar Kid Green Xmas party will also have a zoo brought at Kololo Airstrip and like last September children will have a chance to see animals they only see on television and in pictures.

Joseph Masembe of My Kid Is a Superstar, the organizers, said that environmental conservation is not a culture that exists in Uganda.