Stanbic Bank to Boost Businesses with Affordable Loans
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Stanbic Bank to Boost Businesses with Affordable Loans

Stanbic Bank Uganda has today launched the ‘Now-Now loans’ campaign aimed at offering customers quick and affordable loans to overcome financial challenges in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Grace Muliisa, the Stanbic Bank’s Head of Personal and Business Banking said, “The ‘Now-Now loans’ campaign is a new concept derived from the exciting loan offering to be enjoyed by customers.

This lending solution comes with unique benefits of low interest of up to 15.9%, insurance cover, and much more. However, the rates might be subject to changes based on individual loan assessment.”

She said, all our loan products have been migrated onto our digital platforms making them easy to access in real-time at our customer convenience. Those transferring their loans to us enjoy zero management fees.

“We understand that the impact of the novel Covid-19 pandemic still exists. A host of individuals both in the private and public sector, continue to experience financial stress.

This coupled with a high cost of living and delayed payments, has depleted their savings reserves” Muliisa explained.

She added, “What this means, is that they are unable to cater for their day-to-day needs, pay for essential services like healthcare, education and grow financially thus unable to live a decent livelihood.

As the bank that drives Uganda’s growth, Stanbic’s focus is to identify key financial obstacles that stand in the way of our customers from attaining an affordable financial service to enhance personal growth.”

Muliisa also noted, “It’s because of such hindrances that Stanbic revamped its loans offering to not only allow customers resolve their current financial needs, but also ensuring these loans take them to the next level of their growth.

“We know that the previous year was a difficult one for each and everyone but we, at Stanbic Bank are telling you not to put your dreams of buying a car, land or starting that side-hustle on hold.

We believe this year comes with new possibilities and with Stanbic Bank as a financial partner, it all can be,” Juuko said.

Stanbic Bank’s Head of Lending Products, Jackson Emanzi, said the “Now-Now loans” campaign will offer personal salary loans, cash advances, unsecured and overdraft loans at a low-interest rate of up to 15.9% based on your loan assessment which is currently the cheapest in the market.

“The purpose of pricing these loans low is to make them affordable and to encourage potential borrowers with urgent cash needs to approach the bank for relief.

These loans are also a crucial financial service that can help boost businesses and enhance the speedy recovery of the economy,” Emanzi said

He further noted, “With the digital component on these loans, application process will be seamless and efficient without any paperwork.

And the fund’s acquisition quickly without any hustle with the loan disbursed into your Stanbic account in real-time thus able to resolve your financial need urgently.

With the impact of the pandemic still amidst us, finding financial sources to sustain our day-to-day needs continues to be the biggest challenge.