Relate well with CSOs to help fight corruption gov’t told

KAMPALA, Uganda-The vice president for Ford Foundation in charge Eastern Africa, Martin Abregu has asked the government of Uganda to create conducive working environment for Civil Society Organizations (CSO,s) in the country.

He noted that good working relationship between government and the civil societies can help government in the fight against corruption which is a big challenge to many African states.

“For government to realize value for money it allocates to the various government departments specially those offering social services, there’s need to intensifies supervision, but this cannot be done by government alone, working with the CSOs can supplement government by undertaking the supervision work on behalf of government” Abregu said over the weekend at CSBAG  Head offices in Ntinda during his visit  to Uganda.

He added  that  the ford foundation will continue to support Civil Society Organization with financial support  to  finance their capacity  building training  programs  which are crucial in their   work especially  when it comes to analyzing budgets both for national and for local governments.

“Without building their capacity to analyze budget documents, the CSOs can’t do much. Ford Foundation in partnership with CSBAG shall continue working together for the good of the local people in the country who are the end beneficiaries of government money, “He said.

CSBAG Executive Director Julius Mukunda said the support from the foundation has helped them to build the capacity of their members.

“With the support from ford foundation, CSBAG has managed to train its member organizations in skills relating to analyzing government budgets both for local governments and national budgets. This has tremendously helped government to realize value for its money through strong supervision of the projects at grass root level where the government has allocated the funds, “He explained.

He added that if CSOs have adequate capacity to analyze debate and the budget independently, they can shape revenue management and spending policies meaningfully and effectively. But that for this to be achieved, more support  is needed in form of finance to finance the  capacity building program for the CSOs  across the country which is now still big challenge to CSBAG.

It is said that through  their supervisory work at grass root level  many CSOs  have enabled  government to recover  financial resources from  contractors that do shoddy works  especially  those contracted to  construct government infrastructures  in the health and education sectors.