Uganda's State Minister for Tourism Godfrey Kiwanda Suubi speaking during the launch.
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Local filmmakers venture into promoting tourism  

Film producers in Uganda have launched an initiative that will support the development of the tourism sector.

The New Initiative will see filmmakers promoting the sector through films, movies, soaps and Television documentaries.

The Filmmakers through their umbrella organization Pamoja Film Makers and Distributors Association (PFMDA) told journalists in Kampala that many countries, especially in Europe and America, have used the film industry to promote their countries’ tourism, heritages and antiquities.

Iriho Petit the Association’s Executive Director said filmmakers will be in place to promote some of the tourism sites across the country where their films will be cast.

“Film tourism is an excellent vehicle for destinations marketing. So, the destinations benefit. The people around them also earn from it. The film industry benefits and generally the tourism industry and Uganda at large” said Petit.

While launching the Initiative, Uganda’s State Minister for Tourism Godfrey Kiwanda Ssubi applauded the Film Makers saying their Initiative will be supported by the Government and other stakeholders in the Tourism Industry to ensure that Uganda embraces films in the promotion of the tourism sector.

“As Minister responsible for the sector I will make sure that there are conducive legal regimes that support the film industry to be used in the promotion of the Tourism sector.

“Using Films in the tourism sector is less costly and it creates more jobs especially to the youth and other professionals,” said Kiwanda.

He noted that Uganda as, a country has got its uniqueness such as the dress code, cultural tourism sites and ethnic tribes whose cultures are of tourism potential but such uniqueness has not been exploited.

Through the film industry, Uganda can promote its Uniqueness.

For Uganda to extensively utilize the film Industry in marketing the country’s tourism potentials, the government should come up with balanced legal regimes that support the Interest of all stakeholders in the Tourism Industry.

According to Samuel Kizito Saviour the Deputy Executive Director of Pamoja Film Makers and Distributors Association, the current Laws are too strict for filmmakers especially when it comes to access to venues that are protected by the Law such as National parks and cultural sites.

“Government should ensure that filmmakers can easily access National parks,  cultural centres and other public Administration localities such as a parliament.

“If it requires for the filmmakers to pay, the charges should not be too much because filmmakers in Uganda cannot afford to pay very high fees,” he told EABW Digital News.

However, Kiwanda in an interview with EABW Digital News said that all the issues raised by the filmmakers will be resolved during the consultative meetings between the government and other stakeholders.