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Learners in Uganda to Benefit from Free Learning Materials by Bridge

Kampala, May 21, 2020 – Bridge International Academies has launched a free online learning resource called Bridge at Home, to support remote learning for pre-primary, lower and upper primary children in Uganda. Bridge at Home provides all parents, teachers, and caregivers with access to free weekly lessons and activity plans that are class-specific. Bridge has made these resources available on its website.

The consequences of COVID-19 are dramatic and not just for health. Schools are closed and no one knows when they will reopen. Children are at home and most of them do not have access to their teachers and school-based learning materials. In Uganda, about 15 million children are at home as a result of school closures. These children require support for home-based learning to ensure continuity of the learning process.

Bridge has spent over a decade offering technology-based learning, and is in a unique position to support remote learning especially for the underserved communities. Bridge at Home offers a free at the point of use integrated programme of learning at scale to ensure children continue learning at home. Bridge is open to working with like minded organizations to scale up the reach and uptake of Bridge at Home.

A Bridge spokesperson said, “We know that the communities we work in struggle with literacy and connectivity. We need to work together, leveraging all our networks, expertise and sectors to ensure that a lack of schools does not mean a lack of learning,”

Prior to the spread of COVID-19, stakeholders in the education sector were focused on the ‘learning crisis’. They could not have imagined how the scale of this crisis would become magnified with an unprecedented pandemic.

Innovations are underway to alleviate not only the crisis of now but the long-term crisis that awaits us if children do not learn. There is little evidence as to the efficacy of remote learning but it is all we have and all stakeholders in the education sector are turning their full focus on making it as effective as possible.

There will be a gap to bridge when schools are re-opened but if we focus and move fast then perhaps, we can prevent the gap being too big.