KCB Signs up to Join ABLC Mission
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KCB Signs up to Join ABLC Mission

KCB has today signed up to the Africa Business Leaders Coalition (ABLC)  to bolster its push for climate action.

The bank said that as we gear up for #COP27 in the next 3 weeks, this is a good time to take stock of what we have done, with a view to building on the past & paving the way for the future.
KCB Group CEO Paul Russo said : “As the region’s largest bank, KCB is committed to aligning its interests with partner institutions to bolster economic development for the greater good for all.”
The ABLC’s vision is to bring the perspectives of African Business Leaders, and their ecosystems, into the global conversation to actively and meaningfully bring to bear the private sector perspective and engagement on the continent’s most pressing issues.
As part of the commitments by the ABLC, member organisations will commit to participate in the United Nations Global Compact and to uphold its Ten Principles in their business practices and with their suppliers and customers.
In 2008, KCB embraced sustainability as a business imperative and concern. We have also been making great strides on Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI)’s principles for responsible Banking since becoming a founding signatory member in 2019 and the Principles of Responsible Banking where we are a signatory.
“Over the years, we remain firmly committed to integrating sustainability practices and Environmental & Social Governance (ESG) principles across our markets, policies, procedures, and culture.” KCB Group CEO Paul Russo speaking at the event.
The Africa Business Leaders Coalition will endure beyond 2022 to help drive action on other pressing sustainability issues and promote UN Global Compact principles in their supply chains and broader ecosystem.
50-80 of Africa’s most exemplary CEOs and Board Chairs will commit to actively and meaningfully engaging together on the continent’s most pressing issues.
The ABLC Coalition will represent an organised, forward-looking, principles-based, and unified voice on the main issues facing the continent and how they can be addressed for Africa’s advantage.