Is It Finally Coming Home? England
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Is It Finally Coming Home? England

Ezra Benjamin Ivudria,

As the international breaks come to a close, the three lions managed to qualify with a thumping 10-0 beating San Marino for them to cement their places in next year’s FIFA world cup, most of the goals came from England’s star man Harry Kane as his form in the league remains dreadful.

He will always turn up for his nation as he has scored 12 goals in 8 matches for the three lions. But that’s not all the news for England as their manager Gareth Southgate has extended his contract as England manager after people questioned his tactics during the euros and world cup qualifiers it seems that the FA completely trust him and expect him to bring home some silver-wear in the near future.

England has a very exciting squad mixed with the experience and the leadership with the likes of Harry Kane and Jordan Henderson leading the squad and the youthful and exciting prospects of Jude Bellingham and Bukayo Saka, I am sure they are a force not to be reckoned with and they are favorites for next year’s world cup tournament.

There have been some shocks across Europe as a 90th-minute winner scored by alexander Mitrovic sent Serbia into raptures and a one-way ticket to Qatar as they beat Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal 2-1.

This excited Serbian fans as they celebrated their victory by mocking the iconic Cristiano Ronaldo celebration outside the stadium.

The goal scorer alexander Mitrovic came out into the stadium after the game to celebrate with the fans while holding Cristiano Ronaldo’s known enemy, a can of coca-cola.

But this could have not happened as Portugal’s star man Cristiano Ronaldo skied a golden opportunity to equalize the game, this made fans question his decision-making under tough situations.

This loss brought disappointment as Portugal was in a relatively easy group with the likes of Serbia, Ireland, Luxemburg and Azerbaijan teams not necessarily known for their footballing expertise Portugal was projected to win the group but now they have to fight their way through the playoffs.

That’s not all the disappointment as Roberto Mancini’s high flying Italian squad who thrived in the euros have also struggled to qualify the next year’s world cup due to a 0-0 draw with Northern Ireland this means they also have to go and compete in the playoffs if they want to qualify for next years world cup.

As for Northern Ireland, they scrapped a point to compensate for their neighbors in England who lost the euro final to Italy.

Scottland is also going to be in the European playoffs with some fearsome opponents as well. This came about after they managed to beat Denmark 2-0, it was a very entertaining game as the Scottish fans lit up the atmosphere to motivate their team.

And viewers who watched from home could enjoy some very impartial and unbiased commentary from Ali Mckoy as he clearly was rooting for Scotland to win.

Liechtenstein enjoyed a whooping and embarrassing defeat from Germany as the Deutschland men went on to beat them 9-0 with 7 different goal scorers.

This was a horror movie for the ten men of Minos as in the tenth minute a high boot came onto Germany midfielders face Leon Goretska to give away a penalty also led to the player being sent off with a red card.

As for France, they are comfortably through to the world cup as Kylian Mpabbe shared himself pulling off an impressive piece of skill as the video went viral across social media.

France did though play Kazakhstan as one fan brought a ridiculously loud whistle to the game to try and prank players and supporters to think the game was over and you could argue that it worked as it caused confusion as to if the game was over around the whole stadium.

In Russia, during their qualifier against Croatia, they played so badly that one pundit unironically walked out during halftime as they lost 1-0.

And that was football this week make sure you come to EABW News next week not to miss any more articles.