New campaign against diabetes in Uganda

KAMPALA, UGANDA-Diabetes continues to claim many lives in Uganda despite not  being a new disease.Previously widely thought of as a rich man’s disease, it now

Studies by the Ministry of Health in 2011, based on clinical visits, showed that in the past 10 years, the disease had increased five-fold.
 Therefore the  government of Uganda under the ministry of health, and Makerere university college of health science in partnership with Merck Serono, a division of Merck the world’s oldest pharmaceutical and chemical company in rolling out the diabetes awareness campaign in Uganda.
The campaign whose main theme is “Get informed- Get active- Get healthier” aims at reversing the worrying trends by preventing or delaying the development of diabetes amongst the Uganda population.
The diabetes awareness launch will take place on December 5th and will mainly focus on curbing the rising diabetes cases. Sarah Achieng Opendi, Minister in charge of Primary Health will officiate.

Although the disease is alos prevalent in the wealthier parts of the world, 80% of diabetic deaths occur in low-income countries like Uganda. Medical experts attribute this increasing trend in Uganda to lack of exercise, poor feeding habits, especially diets rich in sugar, salt and processed fat, together with increased consumption of alcohol and tobacco. Those who eat so-called junk food everyday are particularly at risk.
At the global level according to the WHO, more than 220 million people have diabetes. This number is likely to more than double by 2030 if there are no interventions.