Hisense Mobile, Airtel Partner
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Hisense Mobile, Airtel Partner

Kampala, Uganda. Wednesday, 8th December 2021. Airtel Uganda and Hisense Mobile announced a partnership to promote Hisense 4G smartphones using Airtel’s double data offer of 100% bonus data for 3months on the countrywide 4G network coverage.

The Hisense flagship 4G smartphone models to be launched with the partnership include Hisense E50, E50 Lite, and H50 Lite.

According to the Head of Marketing Hisense, Mr. Jonathan Kyetume, the partnership is in line with
Hisense Uganda’s commitment to ensure the best customer experience for all their customers.

He further stated that the Hisense Smartphones are of very good quality and have been approved for
use in Uganda by the Uganda Communications Commission.

Mr. Robert Sekamwa, the Hisense Phone Sales Manager further assures that Hisense mobile phones
are affordable and available in H Series, E Series, and U Series with super-fast processors, AIpowered cameras, and extended battery life for the longer-lasting experience. “Our 24months
warranty further indicates our confidence in product performance and our commitment to aftersales support to our customers.”
The Uganda Communications Commission 2021 Quarter 2 market performance report highlights
that active mobile devices connected to the public communication networks have grown to 32
million devices as of June 2021, representing 2.7 million new devices connected to the network.

This is reflective of a 9% percentage growth. It further indicates that the total number of smartphone/internet-enabled gadgets connected to the networks as of June 2021 stands at 9.7 million users from 7.9 million users in December 2020.

‘‘It is our commitment to support the Global Agenda on Digital Inclusion by harnessing partnerships
like this to increase the uptake and use of Smartphones.

Airtel will continue to innovate and deliver affordable solutions and products on our 4G network that covers Uganda border to border.

As the Smartphone Network, we look forward to this partnership as we consistently strive to deliver 4G
Internet that is fast and affordable’’ says Mr. Henry Njoroge, the Marketing Director.

For every new Hisense smartphone purchased in Uganda, dial *175*94# to get free 1GB for 1 month
and activate a 100% bonus on weekly and monthly data bundles for the first 3 months.