High-speed Internet hits Arusha

ARUSHA, Tanzania–Smile Communications (Tanzania), a company that specialiases in providing high speed Internet services, has opened for business in Arusha. Smile deals in the new 4G LTE.  

Arusha, located to the northern part of Tanzania with booming developments and the  headquarters of the East African Community, becomes the second place  after the initial launch in Dar es Salaam during May this year.

These developments make Tanzania the first country in Africa to gain access to this revolutionary technology of its ultra-high speed broadband Internet access, the Fourth Generation Long Term Evolution (4G LTE) billed as the cutting-edge fourth -generation mobile technology.

Speaking in Arusha recently, Fiona McGloin, the Country Manager for Smile Communications in Tanzania and Uganda, said Smile was confident that providing reliable, high speed Internet will significantly contribute to the success of Arusha. Smile hopes to give Arusha a faster , more reliable and cost effective service.

Arusha is famed for its cosmopolitan city with regional and International Institutions and Organizations such as the EAC, Africa’s Human Right Court, Commonwealth Regional Health Secretariat, WWF and more, including institutions of higher learning, corporate businesses, tour and travel agents as well as SMEs, NGOs and residents.

“Smile Communications Tanzania rolls out the high speed Internet to Arusha that is comparable to the speed and quality enjoyed in Europe, said Ms McGloin adding that Tanzania was the first country to be connected with the fastest, most reliable Internet service at a transparent competitive price and high-level customer satisfaction and service”.

The Arusha launch came in on the sidelines of the 10 year celebration of the Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority (TCRA), cited by Smile Communications Tanzania as a regulatory authority which factors in conducive investment policies.

McGloin said that the laying of the fiber optic cables has to a greater extent boosted Internet uptake by people for development – all being the motivating factors for Smile to invest in Tanzania.

On his part the head of direct sales at Smile Communications  Deogratias Ndejembi said 4GLTE now leads the Internet packs being six-times faster than 3G and four-times faster than 3.75G.

Ndejembi said this allows technology users in the country to be assured of fast downloads and uploads of files, emails, data, music, movies and games; for accessing Internet based applications and for online streaming of video/TV without buffering.

Smile communications customers are now able to buy the 4GLTE internet packs to different retail sales outlets that have been set up in the city. 

According to head of networks at Smile Communications Mr. Francis Madaha, Smile Communications would be connecting six more regions in Tanzania in the next phase. 

In Africa, besides Uganda which was connected to the 4GLTE broadband access after Tanzania, other countries on schedule include Nigeria and DRC.

According to a World Bank report, the Internet usage in Tanzania has increased by about 50% as the number of Tanzanians using the Net has grown from 4.3 million in 2010 to six million this year.

Across the region, however, the Wikipedia Internet edition reports that Kenya is leading with 13, 805, 311 users followed by Tanzania 6,136, 331; while Uganda has 4, 941, 704 users, Rwanda 957, 964 and Burundi 128, 799.

Smile Communications Tanzania, a subsidiary company of Smile Holdings Ltd was founded and incorporated in Mauritius in 2007.