Mid-Week Games Tighten Premier League

Mid-Week Games Tighten Premier League

What a week it has been for premier league and football fans in general as they have been games kicking off left right and center.

From heavy clashes over the weekend to teams getting vital points to revive their top six ambition, football fans couldn’t really ask for much.

Starting off in Old Trafford where Manchester United played Arsenal in their home ground last night, Manchester United struggled to impress as Arsenal were playing really good football during the game but Manchester United salvaged the victory due to a late penalty to win the game 3-2.

Despite Manchester United winning it was anyone’s game to win as both teams were looking for the winner.

It was another frustrating night for the traveling Arsenal fans but there were signs of promise in the game since they are a club still rebuilding their season.

On the other side of Manchester, Manchester City got another victory against Steven Gerrards Aston Villa.

They won 2-1. It was another good performance from the citizens as they proved their possession-based style of football works anywhere even in the snow where they beat a very confused West Ham 2-1.

At Stanford Bridge Chelsea fumbled the ball as Jorginho’s poor touch cost Chelsea a vital win against Manchester United where they drew 1-1.

Chelsea then went to play Watford and they got another win in a very tight game because they won 2-1. They are still top of the table with 33 points but there is a high chance they might not be top of the table for long since pressure is mounting below them.

Liverpool continued their good run of games when they beat Southampton 4-0 at home. It was a good performance as Thiago, Diego Jota, and more entered the score sheet, they then traveled to Goodison Park for their heated rivalry against Everton in the Merseyside derby.

Liverpool went on to stamp their authority on the game as they won 4-1 against their neighbor’s. Mohammed Salah continued his prolific goalscoring streak as he already has 19 goals this season and at the moment he might as well be the best player in the world because he is on top form this season.

This week football has not been the only thing kicking off because the Ballon d’Or ceremony took place and by the time, you’re reading this it’s already been announced who the winner was, this award celebrates and awards the best that football has to offer across a calendar year and the winner this year was Lionel Messi and this sparked a lot of controversies because people suggested that he hasn’t done anything and Bayern’s Lewandowski should have taken home the award.

That was not the only controversial thing when the Ballon d’Or rankings came out and fans were not pleased with what they saw.

Especially with Jorginho’s ranking as he finished third above the likes of Mbappe, Neymar, Ronaldo and other top-tier talents.

This made people speculate if they should take the Ballon d’Or ceremony seriously when they keep making wrong decisions every year.

That was football this week make sure you come back next Friday for more footballing articles on EABW News.