‘Government should not create jobs, people should’

“Government should not create jobs for the people, it’s they people to create jobs for themselves for a better economy. Our government is there to support already existing businesses.”

This was echoed by Dr. Deo Musisi Apollo, project director, Data Grid Africa centre during a business mentoring conference at Hotel Africana last Friday organised by Oracle Edge Uganda, a business consulting agency.

Running under the theme “powering up your business” focused on helping business grow and not to stagnate, the conference attracted business men and women, company directors, doctors, journalist and bank managers.

Musisi added: “Improving on work ethics, training of employees, networking and learning from each other is what small medium enterprises should adopt.”

The theme focused on three main topics including “how can business owners stay true in their Uniqueness and live to Authenticity, how business owners can take their businesses to the next level and wealth management”

Staying unique

Newton Buteraba, founder and director House of Wealth said the uniqueness of products boosts sales.

“Uniqueness of products will generate more sales for companies and you have the chance to beat up with competition in the market,” Buteraba urges

He encouraged firms to be automated and to learn delegation of responsibilities in order to maintain continuity.

He noted that providing fabulous customer service should be key for sales to flow.

By George Piwang