Equity Bank’s outs technology for refugees’ access to financial

KAMPALA, Uganda-Equity Bank Uganda in Partnership United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) launched the innovative Biometric Card Solution that enables refugees access formal financial services securely.

Equity Bank Uganda and UNCDF partnered to drive financial inclusion in Uganda under a program called Mobile Money for the Poor (MM4P).

Equity Bank Uganda showcased the technology, process and applicability of the solution in Uganda in an event held at the Kampala Serena hotel.

The biometric card solution will enable secure electronic cash transfer to refugees.
Equity Bank is the first to go to market with this innovative solution in Uganda delivering last mile distributions and enabling a transition in humanitarian response to development.

Equity Bank in Kenya is currently running a program called the national hunger safety net program with 420,000 beneficiaries with total funds disbursed of 4.79 billion Kenya shillings.

Equity Bank is giving refugees the tools they need to increase their resilience as well as provide development partners with efficient and transparent solutions for cash transfers.

This system will be scaled using the agency banking model, currently launched with support from UNCDF.

Equity Bank partners include UN, World Bank, UNCDF, and Financial Sector Deepening to mention but a few.