Speaker Kadaga poses in a group photo with pupils and top executives of Finance trust Bank and Craft Silicon Foundation
ICT Industry

Finance trust Bank Launches Free ICT Training for Slum Youths

Finance Trust Bank in partnership with Craft Silicon Foundation have launched a free digital literacy programme which will see girls from slums in Kampala getting free Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) training.

The Craft  Silicon  Foundation  and Finance Trust Bank Digital Literacy programme which was launched by the Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga targets girls aged between  12-24 years  and it will be Implemented in the slum areas of Katwe,  Kalerwe, Bwaise, Kazo  and Kisenyi all slums of Kampala city.

Launching the programme in Kampala on October 25, the Speaker applauded the institutions behind the initiatives for coming up with programmes that empower younger girls especially those from poor families. She noted that the ICT programmes will prepare and empower the younger people to reach their full potential as productive members of their societies.

“Equipping younger people with ICT  skills  will give them tools  they need  to distinguish  themselves  in the competitive  global economy  and it will  create  the next generation  of responsible  digital citizens  to continue  the progress we have  already  started as a nation,” she said.

Craft  Silicon Foundation  Chief Executive  Officer  Priya Budhabhatti  said  the programme will  bridge  the wide gaps  between  those who have access  to ICT  and those that are Illiterate especially the communities in slum areas of Kampala city.

“Since  ICT  are increasingly  becoming  foundation of our societies  and  economies we need now to ensure that no single  person is left out in acquiring ICT related skills  since denying younger generation ICT skills it means they will not participate in the new ICT  jobs in e-government, ICT  improved Health services,” she explained.

Craft Silicon Foundation is the corporate social responsibility initiative of Craft Silicon Limited. It is a registered non-profit organization that works towards empowering youth, children and communities through free Information and Communication Technology education and services.

Technology in competitiveness

Commenting on the programme, Finance Trust Bank Chief Executive Officer Annet Nakawunde Mulindwa said the bank is investing in the programme as part of its strategic theme of leveraging on technology in order to advance competitiveness.

She advised the participants to take ownership of the programme because at the end of the six months training, the younger people will start seeing the positive Impact the programme can bring in their lives.

The Craft  Silicon  Foundation  and Finance Trust Bank Digital Literacy programme  intends to  educate  over 3400 youth  per year in the next five years  and it’s expected to cost the two Institutions  about  USD 100,000.The programme will equip the youth with fundamental  ICT skills  such as Introduction  to computer  and windows  4, Microsoft office application, Software  development  and Entrepreneur ship skills.

The Digital Literacy programme will be delivered through a van that is equipped with computers and moves around from one place to another, the van is powered by solar energy.