Airtel Uganda, Mbale City Authority, Launch  Clock Tower
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Airtel Uganda, Mbale City Authority, Launch  Clock Tower

Mbale, 29th June 2022: In partnership with Mbale City Authority, Airtel Uganda has today launched the newly remodeled Mbale Clock Tower to boost the City’s look and reserve the City’s symbolic Icon.

Located in the Eastern part of Uganda, Mbale City is among the few cities that have showcased resilience over the years.

In 1980, Mbale was acknowledged as the cleanest city in Uganda and East Africa. Today, it is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country.

While officiating the remodeled Mbale Clock Tower, Henry Njoroge, Marketing Director at Airtel Uganda revealed, ” Airtel takes pride in supporting communities through their passion points and preserving key historic regalia like the Mbale Clock Tower which is a symbolic monument in the city for travelers and residents, but it will also attract more people to visit Mbale, given that the City is one of Uganda’s top tourist destination regions.”

He added, “Our role as a telecommunications company is not only to provide services that support our customers to ease their daily communication and mobile financial services, but to connect, transform and develop communities into modern Cities.”

Cassim Namugali, The Lord Mayor of Mbale City and Guest of honour, remarked, “Mbale was a municipality until 2019 when it was elevated to a city status, and we are impressed by the growth it has registered over the years.

Upgrading to a city status presents various opportunities that can be explored in boosting socio-economic growth based on the different activities that are implemented within and beyond the region.

According to Namugali, there are a number of youth in Mbale and across the country who are employed in Airtel Service Centers and Agent points, which translates into economic growth through income generation avenues, and commended Airtel Uganda for boosting the telecommunications sectors through the investments made over time.

“Collaborating with sector players like Airtel Uganda enhances government’s role in stimulating development through uplifting communities, and businesses as a whole,” Namugali concluded.