ICT devices easing learning in rural Uganda

ARUA, Uganda-Feta James Harold is eight years old pupil of Rigbo Primary school in Arua district. He is in Primary two. The school is a rural area near the river Nile North east of Arua town. His father is the deputy head teacher and a class teacher of P2 in the school. 

He likes drawing things on sand and naming them thereafter shows the teacher his work on the ground but this was in the past.

When the computer/tablets were brought to the school by Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) this boy developed an interest in learning how to use them. As a result when ever his father holds the laptop he comes besides him to see what the father was doing.

In the process of being close to the laptop, the boy has developed skills of navigating the digital stories, games and quizzes installed in the laptop and tablets to the extent that he now assists/ trains and guide his peers whenever they face challenges in class. Some of the unique skills he has acquired include; locating stories, navigating between stories, doing quizzes, dragging and tracing among others. He has become a champion pupil in the school.

He has picked up reading very well as such his elder brother Desire Hannington who is in P4 is learning reading Lugbarati and English from him.

Feta said ; “I want to become a pilot because one of the stories in the laptop talked about a girl who was a pilot” His father said the presence of the computer had accelerated his learning in spellings, reading, drawing, reasoning, peer interaction and speaking. Thanks to Aga Khan Foundation.