US and UK inject $11m to Uganda’s off grid energy solutions

KAMPALA, Uganda–The USA government has announced plans to inject USD11 million to support the government of Uganda’s electrification goals. 

The funds will be channeled through the Power Africa Uganda Electricity Supply Accelerator, a three year program.

Announcing the financial support, the USA Ambassador to Uganda Deborah Malac said the financial support will enable the government of Uganda to improve on its power generation capacity and connectivity.

“The Accelerator will facilitate the addition of 1,000 megawatts of generation capacity and 1,000,000 new electricity connections by 2020, “Malac explained recently during the Solar Energy expo held in Kampala.

At the same event, Malac and the British High Commissioner to Uganda, Peter West assured Ugandans that the two countries will continue supporting the growth of energy access in Uganda which is a key engine to providing economic opportunities for all Ugandans.

In Uganda the UK government has played big role through its Initiative Energy Africa through which more support has been extended to support solar power by establishing suitable enabling environment to ensure that more Ugandan embrace off grid energy, the UK government announced   a one capacity Building project to build the capacity and Independence of the Uganda Solar Energy Association.

In Uganda Alone, working with partners, power Africa has supported the addition of 420,000 new connections, the bulk of which are off grid solutions.

“That is why  through  the power Africa –funded scaling  off grid  Energy Grand challenge  we have  provided  grants  worth  $3 million to Ugandan  companies  and continue  to work  on an enabling  environment “ She explained.