Uganda’s Work Culture and Ethics Day scheduled for July

KAMPALA, Uganda- The Institute of Work Culture and Ethics (IWCE) of Uganda and partners are set to organise the second Work Culture and Ethics Day scheduled to take place on 26th July 2018 in Uganda.

They say have partnered with different organizations and partnership is to collectively organise the 2nd Work Culture and Ethics.

According to IWCE, the objective of the Work Culture and Ethics Day is to promote ethical work culture across Uganda, publicise tools that may be used to assess the status of work culture and ethics for organizations and individuals; recognise and reward organisations and individuals who exhibit ethical work practices; and to encourage the Public, Private, and Development Sectors to institutionalize work culture and ethics in their policies, programs and practices.

Among the activities leading to the WCE Day 2018 will be the selection of individuals and organisations to be recognised for their ethical practices.

The selection process runs from 1st March 2018, starting with an online Self-Assessment (by individuals and organisations); then the competitors will go through a verification process before identifying finalists (individuals and organisations) to be recognised at the Work Culture and Ethics Day (WCED) on 26th July 2018.

Entries that meet at least 60% score on self-assessment will be invited (on-line) to the next level which shall require validation of the submissions. There’s also an essay writing competition for youths that has already opened.

As in the 2017 Work Culture and Ethics Day celebration, the media was identified as an integral part of the legion to rebuild the country through promotion of ethical work culture. Similarly, we are launching the activities leading to the WCE Day 2018, and are inviting the media, through your wide networks, to support this cause