Uganda yearns for more Chinese investments


BEIJING, China- Dr. Chrispus Kiyonga, Ambassador of Uganda in China has encouraged Chinese enterprises to invest in Uganda.

This was during a meeting he held with the Governor of the People’s Government of Liaoning Province, H.E. Tang Yijun where they discussed the progress in developing the China-Uganda Liao Shen Industrial Park in Kapeka and other potential areas of cooperation.

The Vice Governor H.E. Chen Lvping, and senior officials of the provincial government attended the meeting held on 29th March 2018 in Shenyang city.

Dr. Kiyonga briefed on the progress in developing the Industrial Park in Kapeka and underscored the commitment of the Uganda government to provide investment incentives and attract leading enterprises from China to invest in Uganda.

Liao Shen industrial park is the first provincial-level industrial park project in Uganda with the backing of a Provincial government in China. Dr. Kiyonga extended appreciation to the provincial government for supporting the development of the Park, adding that this would significantly contribute to creating employment opportunities, technology transfer, and expand the revenue base among others.

The Governor committed to strengthening the relations between Uganda and the Province and mentioned that through joint efforts, the success of the Liao Shen Park will provide a platform for future cooperation.

They also discussed and agreed to expand cooperation in other fields such as agriculture, tourism, education, and mining. The mechanisms for cooperation will be further discussed at technical level.

During the visit to Shenyang, Dr. Kiyonga also addressed an investment promotion conference to raise awareness about the business environment and investment incentives. He observed that the Liao Shen industrial Park symbolizes the friendship between the peoples of Uganda and China.

The investment promotion event held at Friendship Hotel on 30th March 2018 was graced by the presence of senior level Provincial authorities that lauded the government of Uganda for the commitment and facilitation in the development of the Park. Mr. Huang Yang, Vice Director General of the Liaoning Provincial Department of Commerce mentioned that 20 companies had committed to invest in the Park with 3 enterprises in advanced stages of entering production.

He encouraged enterprises from Liaoning to accelerate the construction of the Liao Shen industrial park as well as participate in the infrastructural development and industrialization of Uganda.

Mr. Zhang Hao, Chairman of Zhang Group that is overseeing the development of the Industrial park briefed participants on the design capacity of the park, the progress of construction, the operation and management mode and the advantages of investing in the Park. H.E. Zhao Yali, former Ambassador of China to Uganda, also addressed the conference and emphasized the potential for bilateral cooperation between Uganda and China in the commercial and economic sectors.

The Conference in Shenyang co-organised by the Embassy, the Liaoning Provincial authorities and the management of Liao Shen Industrial Park is a continuation of efforts to boost Chinese investments in Uganda. Over 200 representatives from leading enterprises attended the event. The conference follows a similar event organized in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province on 26th March 2018.