Uganda, Somali Business Summit Attracts Over 120 Businesses
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Uganda, Somali Business Summit Attracts Over 120 Businesses

The Somali – Uganda Business Summit inaugural event was held at Kampala, Uganda on 8th – 9th August under the theme “Promoting Uganda-Somalia Partnership through Investment, Trade, and Tourism”.

The two-day business summit attracted over 120 corporate companies and businesses in the region to showcase their products and services.

The Business Summit was sponsored by Salaam Somali Bank which is a leading financial institution founded in 2009 in Somalia.

The Bank is also the biggest primary account holders’ financial service in Somalia. The Bank is leading a high-quality model in providing high standard quality Banking service covering Islamic and Commercial Banking.

Shuayb Haji Nur Mohamed, the General Manager at Salaam Somali Bank said, the bank will play a great role to facilitate and identify business viability by promoting investment and trade initiatives to champion full participation from Uganda and Somalia local communities and stakeholder management,”

“SSB is committed to ensure the Uganda & Somali investment & trade partnerships deliver to the intended value; SSB will act as a link that the private sector to work towards providing business context, expertise, guidance, capacity, finance and business priorities for betterment of both the two countries communities,” he said.


The bank provides innovative products and services, including digital corporate banking, community, retail, business, online banking, and investment banking.

Technology plays great role since banking environment has become highly competitive because of global digitalization.

SSB will ensure to boost the technological platform and applications that will increase business growth and has an ability to respond quickly to the dynamics of a fast-changing digital global market.