Uber Uganda has revealed the introduction of injury protection for their clients.

Uber Uganda moves to protect riders and clients with insurance cover

Uber Uganda has revealed the introduction of injury protection for their clients.

“We’re rolling out Injury Protection provided by UAP Old Mutual to provide an added peace of mind to our riders and driver partners in Uganda when using Uber,” read a statement Uber Uganda officials released.

Injury protection will apply to all uberX and uberBODA rides and at no additional cost. All driver-partners will benefit from this innovative cover from the moment they accept a trip while driving to pick up a rider, and until the trip ends. Riders will be covered from the time their ride begins until the trip ends.

In the unfortunate event of an accident or a crime-related incident resulting in an injury during a trip, riders and driver-partners will have access to medical coverage, including death and funeral expenses, lump-sum payment to descendants, and permanent disability payments.

Daily payment benefit for drivers (injury) indicates if a driver is hospitalized for more than 48 hours as a result of an accident that happened on-trip and are thereafter unable to drive because of those injuries, will receive a daily payment for up to 30 days on doctor’s certification.

“Injury Protection in Uganda has been tailored specifically for those on the road and builds on Uber’s existing security structure while ensuring a safer ride during every journey booked through the Uber app.

This is just part of our ongoing efforts to support drivers and riders on the road, and we will continue to do our best to provide them with more peace of mind going forward,” the statement added.

This comes as a holiday gift to the taxi industry specifically boda-bodas (bike taxis) that account for over 80 per cent of accidents and fatalities as a result of road accidents crippling the health sector.

Bike taxis are popular with tourists for their ease to snake through city traffic and for convenience. However, many have fallen victim from reckless riders through accidents and criminal elements who have been known to lead unsuspecting victims to wrong destinations only to rob or even rape them or worse.

Hopefully, other players in the industry shall follow suit, notably taxify and Safe Boda, uber’s main rival.

The losers in this may be rest of the boda-boda industry which is largely unregulated due to political patronage. They are less competitive price-wise and infiltrated by criminals.

Unless the city authorities regulate their operations, it shall be hard for them to implement similar coverage for their passengers.  Many are illiterate and averse to tech-savvy drivers and riders as well as apps which they consider too complex to comprehend as they continue to remain hostile to app-hauling services. Credit card options only make matters worse.