Uber Partners to Enhance Safety for Boda Boda Drivers

Uber Partners to Enhance Safety for Boda Boda Drivers

4 March 2022, Kampala – Uber has announced a partnership with driving schools in Kampala to provide training for UberBoda driver-partners on road and vehicle safety.

The initiative is part of a solution to ensure that drivers are equipped from a safety perspective, following which they will be provided with certification highlighting the completed modules on traffic regulations.

In Kampala, boda bodas play a critical role in moving people and goods across the city.

This informal industry is a significant source of income for an estimated 150,000 people within Kampala and a million across the country, making it a priority for Uber to commit to safety initiatives and local partnerships to enhance boda operations in the country.

Since launching in Uganda, Uber has provided earning opportunities to thousands of drivers using the platform, and through this initiative, more Ugandans will have a chance at economic growth.

Uber’s technology is open and pro-choice, meaning the app is available to anyone needing a flexible earnings opportunity.

“We are proud of the investment we have made across Uganda to empower the men and women that drive with Uber.

Safety is of utmost importance to us, and this is why we are collaborating with driving schools to provide training to boda drivers on road safety, given the widespread usage of bodas in Kampala,” said Frans Hiemstra, General Manager, SSA, Uber.

Speaking on the partnership, Innocent Muhangi, Chief Executive Officer, Uganda Driving Standards Agency said, “As UDSA, we are committed to improving drivers’ skills and training and enhancing road safety in Uganda.

We are pleased to collaborate with Uber to provide boda boda drivers with the requisite training to equip them on safe driving.”

“We are more committed than ever to play a critical role in complementing existing public transportation infrastructure, while creating more economic opportunities for Ugandans”, concludes Manji.