Turkish Embassy Kampala disassociates from alleged fraudster

KAMPALA, Uganda–The Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Kampala has said in a statement that it regrets to read the news about the fraud case involving an alleged “Turkish” investor, reported by Carol Kasujja and published on 27th January 2018, and later circulated in the social media.

According to some media outlets, the said foreigner, Karim Hamoude, introduced himself as the Managing Director of East African Capital Logistics and he defrauded the Ugandan business community.

The Embassy has not registered any Turkish national of such names as being in Uganda and has not been approached by any person or authority in verification of Hamoude’s nationality or any travel document whatsoever, and thus, disassociates itself from the said media story which deliberately targets Turkish investments in Uganda. Publishing news based on imagined nationality is regrettable and contradicts with journalism ethics and professionalism.

Although the Embassy has approached the landlady of the office hired by Hamoude (Eclipse Properties Ltd.), the news editor in charge, as well as the Central Police Station officials, who are handling the said fraud case, none of them was able to provide any document or information with respect to the nationality of Karim Hamoude.

There is no evidence that Karim Hamoude is a Turkish citizen. Indeed, it is not a Turkish name, either. The Embassy views such distorted and prejudiced reflection of news as an attempt to mislead the public and stand in the way of bona fide Turkish businesspeople.

The Embassy reminds the Ugandan public of the sinister Fetullahist Terrorist Organization (FETO) elements both resident in Uganda and coming from abroad, and cautions that the Embassy remains open for inquiries on who to transact with, if a Turkish identity is presented by any businessperson. In this sense, it is highly recommended that all the businesspersons and investors claiming to be of Turkish nationality, should be asked to be vetted by the Turkish Embassy for necessary clearance.

The Embassy reserves the right to take any appropriate legal action against the erroneous news and media stories which purposely target the positive image of Turkey, Turkish investors and the Embassy itself.

Embassy of the Republic of TURKEY in Kampala