Total E&P Uganda Awards Contracts-Tilenga Project
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Total E&P Uganda Awards Contracts-Tilenga Project

Development Kampala, June 14, 2021 – Total E&P Uganda, has signed Conditional Letters of Award for the main surface facilities Engineering, Procurement, Supply, Construction and Commissioning (EPSCC) as well as five (5) drilling packages for the Tilenga project located in Nwoya and Buliisa Districts.

The letters are with respect to:
1. A Consortium comprising CB&I UK Limited (a McDermott Company) and Sinopec International Petroleum Service Corporation (SINOPEC) for the Engineering, Procurement, Supply, Construction and Commissioning (EPSCC) of the Central Processing Facility (CPF), flowlines, and other associated surface facilities.

2. Schlumberger Oilfield Eastern Limited for three (3) well-engineering packages
a) Upper Completions, Artificial Lift, and Associated Services.
b) Directional Drilling, Well logging, Measurements-while-drilling, Buttonhole Assembly, Data Transmission & Real-Time Operation Centre Services.
c) Wellheads, Christmas Trees and Associated Services.

3. Vallourec Oil and Gas France for one (1) well procurement package – Casing, Tubing and Associated Services.

4. ZPEB Uganda Co. Limited for one (1) rigs package - Onshore Drilling Rigs, Tubular Running and Fishing Services.

These conditional awards are a first step that allows for the launching of the detailed engineering (where applicable such as for the EPSCC) and procurement activities before the final approval by the Partners.

“Following a comprehensive, competitive and thorough tender evaluation and contracting process that began with the phased submission of Front-End Engineering and Design (FEED) proposals to ensure project optimization, we are pleased to sign these conditional letters of award for the Tilenga project to these 5 highly qualified industry players.

The launch of these contracts underscores our commitment to developing the Tilenga project while maximising value and viability of the project, and observing the most stringent Health, Safety, Social, Environment and Quality standards to which the contractor must adhere,” said Mr Pierre Jessua, General Manager, Total E&P Uganda.

The companies above have also made significant commitments to promoting National content through employing Ugandans, use of Ugandan goods/services and technology transfer.

“Thanks to this first step, the Tilenga project development phase has a target to achieve first oil in 43 months. All the companies will deploy their years of expertise and best-in-class technology to delivering the project while also ensuring sustainable value retention in the economy through promotion of national content,” Mr Pierre Jessua added Stakeholder engagements have commenced with all stakeholders including the District and local leaders as well as surrounding communities.

Total E&P Uganda is committed to undertaking its activities in an exemplary and transparent manner in terms of environment, health, safety and societal engagements.

The Company adheres to the highest national and international standards including the World Bank - International Finance Corporation standards as well as the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

Key Facts about the Tilenga project:
• 6 fields to be developed
• Production capacity of 190,000 barrels per day
• 1 Central Processing Facility located in Buliisa, outside the Murchison Falls National Park
• 426 wells to be drilled from 31 well pads
• The project has been designed to minimize in the Murchison Falls National Park, the footprint of the temporary and permanent facilities, which will occupy less than 0.05% of the park’s surface area.