Uganda’s ICT sector and spearhead the development of an ICT technology Hub in Uganda, for Ugandans.
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Stakeholders partner to promote competitive ICT sector in Uganda

The information communication technology association of Uganda (ICTAU), in partnership with the international trade centre (ITC), has held the first ICT stakeholders Round table to establish how players can participate in driving the growth of the sector in Uganda.

While addressing the media at fairway hotel Kampala yesterday, Albert Mucunguzi, ICTAU board Chairperson, urged stakeholders to embrace the “Buy Uganda Build Uganda” (BUBU) initiative to spur economic transformation in the ICT sector.

“As players in the provision of ICT products and services, it is important that we support our local enterprise and invest in the delivery of quality services so that we are valuable to other industries,” he said.

In addition to embrace BUBU in the ICT industry, Mucunguzi highlighted that the ICT sector in Uganda will become more competitive when ICT solutions service providers embark on ensuring that they get certified

“IT certification will drive Business owners in the sector to ensure the services they provide conform to the minimum acceptable international standards and can therefore compete locally and internationally,” added Mucunguzi.

James Byaruhanga, General Manager Raxio Data Centre, stated that, In a bid to lower the cost of computing to Uganda Business and enable them share ICT infrastructure and related services, the construction of data centre’s will be relevant in cutting ICT related cost for businesses.

Since the financial year 2016/17, all providers of information technology (IT) services and products are required to be certified by the National Information Technology Authority (NITA-U).

IT certification validates your ability to use as specific technology or perform a particular IT role or service.

The NITA-U IT certification process targets IT products. Informational Technology is rapidly growing field globally, and the knowledge possessed by information technology professionals cuts wide. With so much information readily available and technology change every day, getting certified is the best way to differentiate yourself or your company from competition.

Dr. Fredrick E. Kitoogo, the Director of Planning, research & Development NITA-U highlighted that “the IT certification Project (ITCP) was formulated for standardization in the planning, acquisition, implementation, delivery, support and maintenance of information technology equipment and services to ensure uniformity in quality, adequacy and reliability of information technology usage throughout Uganda.”

Kitoogo also applauded ICTAU for creating a platform where key players and stakes holders in the ICT sector in the ICT sector can come together to deliberate on how they can be actively engaged in the growth of the industry

ICTAU  pledge that it will continue creating an effective network between all industry practitioners, researchers, developers and policy makers to facilitate collaboration in the development of information and communication technology in Uganda,”


ICTAU is a body formed to protect and promotes the interests of Uganda’s ICT fraternity, with the objective to develop a compelling brand proposition for Uganda’s ICT sector and spearhead the development of an ICT technology Hub in Uganda, for Ugandans.

The association brings together ICT professionals, researchers, Chief Technical Offers, Students, vendors, telecoms, IT managers; among others.

ICTAU aims to contribute to Uganda’s technology development by organizing key ICt Stakeholders less than one body that supports the development of a thriving ICT market promotes ICT research and development and engages in projects and policies regarding the adoption and usage of ICT by Ugandans, particularly the underserved.

By George Piwang