South Africa to host World Choir Games in memory of Madiba


KAMPALA, UGANDA- For the first time in Africa, South Africa will host the 10th World Choir Games from 4 – 14 July 2018.


The world’s largest international choir competition comes at a time where South Africa is commemorating the centenary of former President Nelson Mandela's birth. Madiba, who passed away on 5 December 2013, would have turned 100 on 18 July 2018.

Ali Mpofu, of the Local Organising Committee, and the African Cultural Development Foundation, says it is a great pleasure for the country to host these prestigious games.

"This is a wonderful opportunity for local choirs to go up against the best in the world. It will showcase our country's talents in choral music, both those who are established and those who are up and coming. It really is a special and important time in the history of choral music in Africa and South Africa," says Mpofu.

The World Choir Games invites all non-professional choirs globally to participate. The Games offer fair and realistic competition to experienced competitive choirs as well as choirs with relatively little international experience.

Mpofu says the World Choir Games are divided into two competition categories, namely “The Champions Competition” and “The Open Competition”.

These two competitions allow choirs the opportunity to participate at the appropriate level.

The World Choir Games will also offer workshops, seminars and open rehearsal sessions.

During these workshops, choirs, conductors, and individuals will be introduced to international choral literature, singing styles, and performance practices.