Shafikie Ramadan, also known as DJ Fikie
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Silent disco a lucrative venture Ugandans can invest in – DJ

Silent disco has taken the Ugandan entertainment industry by storm and according to Shafikie Ramadan, also known as DJ Fikie, Silent Disco is another lucrative area that Ugandans can invest in.

“I am a DJ by professional and have been in this business for 4 years ever since I was ranked one of the best young Ugandans Disco Jokers. In this professional, we learn different things but it also comes with passion to achieve your dreams.

“Silent disco is where people dance to music that is transmitted through wireless headphones rather than played over a speaker. This kind of entertainment helps eliminate noise complaints,” he said.

DJ Fikie who works at Fame Lounge in Kampala, says the system works in a way that music is broadcast via three channels where the wireless headphones pick the signals.

This music reaches the individual through signals; they have an option of changing channels to the favorite music.

“Most clubs in Uganda are always organizing silent discos, it’s a unique way of partying,” says daxx kartel one of the famous Ugandan musician and fun of silent Disco at fame Lounge Kampala.

Daxx Kartel says he loves the silence and comfort and the fun that comes along with silent disco, including variety of music availed on different channels just on one set of headphones.

Clubs and event organizers of silent disco charge Shs 15,000 to Shs 30,000 per person depending on the organizers and the venues.

A number of corporate companies have also joined the venture, among them Uganda Breweries that has organized various silent disco events dubbed “Bell Jams”, MTN Uganda that organized the Bunuzi silent disco at Sheraton Hotel, and others

This has seen a number of bars and night clubs follow suit. Among them is Fame Lounge and Sky Lounge in Kololo, and Game Club in Wandegeya.

Shafikie Ramadan also believes that silent disco is a new trend and will do away with loud speaker systems, thereby eliminating noise pollution.

He says from being one of the most famous event organizers of silent disco and DJ he has been able to acquire assets he need.

“I have looked after my family from the $800 I earn at least every week from playing music at silent disco events and also being a DJ, which makes me self-employed,” said DJ Fikie.

On challenges, “my biggest challenges are people who sometimes don’t appreciate the good work of DJs in Uganda.

On competition, “I don’t see competition as a problem, it is healthy; my passion drives me to achieve what I achieve.”


By George piwang