Rwanda charts industrial pathway

KIGALI, Rwanda–The government continues to encourage self-initiative in creating industrial enterprises, but is there to provide infrastructure.
“Our country has worked a lot to supporting industrialization which is a great contributor to development and by so doing different strategies have been developed which include the Hanga Umurimo which is meant to help Rwandans start their own businesses hence be able to get out of poverty,” Francois Kanimba, the Minister of trade and industry  
Rwanda recently joined the rest of Africa to celebrate Industrialization Day.
“With the year’s theme ‘ Job creation and Entrepreneurship Development’ as a means to accelerate industrialization in Africa, this is in line with the Rwandan government commitment to enhance entrepreneurship culture as a key pillar to the achievement of economic transformation, Kanimba said.
The event was organised by the Ministry of Trade and Industry, together with the United Nations Industrialization Development Organization.  Kanimba said Rwanda has developed different strategies to promote entrepreneurship amongst women and youth.
“Together with the Hanga Umurimo programme which has created over 20,000 jobs so far especially with youth school dropouts, we have the SME Cluster Strategy, the Proba scheme which are all meant to help Rwandans start own businesses hence be able to develop plus the country as a whole,” Kanimba said.