Fenando Kamugisha, CEO The Kids Fashion Runway addresses the press on Saturday in Kampala
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Re-inventing professional modeling business

As the world starts embracing modeling as a career, an innovative Ugandan thinks talent should be nurtured from a young age in order to have professionals of tomorrow.

Fenando Kamugisha, the Chief Executive Officer, The Kids Fashion Runway, says: “We are grooming professional models right from a tender age, our choreography, production and routines are intense in order to bring out good products. The show will be at professional models show standard, and not a kids’ event is it may seem.”

model is a person with a role either to promote, display or advertise commercial products (notably fashion clothing in fashion shows), or to serve as a visual aid for people who are creating works of art or to pose for photography. (Wiki)

Addressing a press conference at Ham Towers Makerere on Saturday, Fenando said The Kids Fashion Runway is a platform for young models that have been in the industry and are professionals. The show is meant to create a platform and show the world that the young can do even much better than the old models.

He revealed that out of many hundreds of kid models that he trains, only 35 were selected to take part in the inaugural event after a rigorous exercise.

About The Kids Fashion Runway

“The show will happen usually in holiday; we are starting with the Little Superstars edition slated for May 19th at the Square in Industrial Area,” Fenando says.

The event will be set up “fashion week style” where the front row seat (VIP ticket) goes for Shs100,000, second row, Shs70,000 while General ticket goes for Shs50,000.

He revealed that the future fashion shows will be editions of different showcases

On modeling being a career, Fenando notes we should groom our children to having a career and a profession.

“I would advise someone pursuing modeling as a career to also have a profession at the side, so as to be a full brand.”